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FC Sports' purpose is 'passing along that sense that I am special'. We do this by helping build soccer cultures for all types of organizations, small groups, and individuals.

Our Child Development Program helps children develop not just physically, but also intellectually, socially, emotionally, and beyond. We believe that our approach helps the process of building integral intelligences.

Classes provide the context for many children's first experience of soccer. We use balls, cones, mini goals, obstacle courses, and more to make sure class is fun.  

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Child Development Program at Healthplex

Dates: Saturdays from January 14th - March 4th
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am
Location: Springfield Healthplex
194 West Sproul Road, Springfield, PA 19064

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Children will be placed into age-appropriate groups based on registration.

Good Sports: Ages 18 months to 2 ½ 

Good-Sports introduce structure and rules of soccer through fun games and interaction with constantly changing activities that keep them focused.  Good Sports focuses on group dynamics, listening skills, basic coordination skills, and balance.  Classes are 45 minutes long and adult participation is required.

Play-Makers: Ages 2 ½ to 3

Play-Makers familiarize athletes with the rules of soccer.  Parents and kids, led by one of our instructors, play organized games together with an emphasis on listening skills, basic coordination skills and balance.  This class creates a sense of independence for the Play-Makers.  As athletes progress through the session and become ready for more independence, parents can choose to transition to a less active role in the class. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Role Models: Ages 3 and 4

Role-Models learn the fundamental skills like dribbling, passing, trapping, and scoring of soccer through organized games.  Athletes will become more independent on the ball. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Team-Players: Ages 5 and 6

Team-Players get to know soccer through fun games and non-competitive, yet challenging play.  Team-Players will build basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping, and scoring.  Team-Players will also build confidence on the field with a focus on sportsmanship and team play.  Classes are 45 minutes long.

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